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Jean-Marc Hunt: San Francisco Art Project

Born in 1975 in Strasbourg, France, Jean-Marc Hunt grew up in the suburbs, making his marks in the graffiti and the rap music. In 2003, he settles down in Guadeloupe, where from he’s native, to approach a creation in the neo-expressionistic style. His work reveals a turbulent art, in an often ironic monstration. Working as much the drawing and the painting as the sculpture and the installation, he proceeds by series, accumulation and misappropriation as inseparable components.

Invited to collective exhibitions in Europe, in Caribbean and in the United States, he also realizes residences of art which will allow him to approach the monumental creation in sculpture and painting. His tendencies for the experiment bring him to conceive federative events in visual arts since 2005, as scenographer and curator. In 2015, he’s decorated by the Ministry of Culture and Communication of the French Republic with the Chevalier of Arts and Letters.