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Jean-Pierre Laffont: New York City Up and Down

Illustrated lecture in English by Jean-Pierre Laffont.

Renowned documentary photographer Jean-Pierre Laffont moved to New York City from Paris in 1965. In his extensive travels, he has documented the entirety of America and its social forces, as well as those around the world. Laffont also focused his camera on his new “hometown,” New York City. His newest published collection, New York City Up and Down (Glitterati Incorporated, 2017), is an elegant, incisive, and unexpected review of forty years of exploration by one of the most revered documentarians working today.

Just as he explored the explosive, the calm, the social, the environment in his prize-winning book, Photographer’s Paradise, Laffont has filled New York City Up and Down with the highs and lows of New York City life. Not a commentary on the high end versus the low end of lifestyles, it is instead a commentary on the ups and downs socially, politically, and visually that have taken place in the city he loves so much, with the eyes of a devoted viewer, over the past four decades.