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Kiefer Rodin

This fall, the Barnes Foundation will present Kiefer Rodin, an exhibition encompassing more than 100 works featuring newly commissioned pieces by Anselm Kiefer alongside rarely seen works by Rodin, several of which have never been exhibited in the U.S. The exhibition is the sole U.S. venue to view new works by Kiefer created in homage to and inspired by Rodin. Kiefer Rodin exemplifies Dr. Barnes’ vision of bringing contemporary artists into dialogue with works of different times and places to catalyze new ideas and insights.

The juxtaposition of Rodin’s work with Kiefer’s sheds light on Rodin’s modernity and highlights the artists’ shared approach to art as a process of reconfiguring and assembling that is rooted in experimentation. Highlights include works by Kiefer developed specifically for the exhibition, such as large-scale illustrated books, a series of paintings titled Cathedral Towers, and 20 vitrines for which Kiefer appropriated offshoots from Rodin’s work and arranged them with dried plants, stones, and a variety of found objects. Additionally, the exhibition will feature 17 drawings and watercolors by Rodin, as well as large-format plaster sculptures, including Crouching Woman (1906-1908), Meditation without arms (after 1900), and Torso of a Young Woman with Arched Back (1909); and sketchbooks and assemblages from Rodin’s studio that offer new insight into the artist’s practice. Kiefer Rodin is part of a worldwide commemoration throughout 2017 of the centennial of Rodin’s death.