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La Perle de la Canebière (The Pearl of Marseille)

Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz presents La perle de la Canebière (The Pearl of Marseille). The play is performed by La Troupe du Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz and directed by Pierre Leloup. La perle de la Canebière is a single-act comedy performed for the first time at the Theatre du Palais Royal in Paris in February 1855. The play was written by Eugène Labiche and Marc Michel, both fine observers of the French society of the 19th century.

The action takes place in a very bourgeois and conservative society, greatly unreceptive to poetry and any kind of eccentricity. Théréson Marcasse, the outgoing pearl, the free and generous marseillaise, shatters this incredibly narrow world. The pearl is a bomb of excessiveness in a world of moderation.