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Laetitia Soulier: Fractal Architectures

Dartmouth College’s Hood Museum of Art inaugurates its satellite space in downtown Hanover this month with Laetitia Soulier: Fractal Architectures, an exhibition of large-scale photographs and sculptures by the New York-based French artist. To create each image, Soulier spends months making a model, meticulously handcrafting everything from wallpaper and carpets to tiny lamps and tools. Drawing inspiration from fractals—shapes whose parts resemble the whole at every scale from micro to macro—she uses a simple geometric figure as her starting point and incorporates it throughout the design. She then adds children, whose relatively outsized presence lends the pieces a provocative Alice in Wonderland quality. Her sculptures, which are related to the models but constructed independently, offer viewers a three-dimensional peek into this beguiling world.