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L’Avant-Scène Presents “Medée” by Corneille

L’Avant-Scène presents Médée (1635), Pierre Corneille’s first tragedy. Little remembered in the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece is Médée, the sorceress who secures Jason’s victories and becomes his wife. The couple and their children find asylum under King Créon in the city of Corinth. There, Jason leaves Médée for the king’s daughter, Créuse. Médée enacts a gruesome revenge against Jason and those whom he loves.

The production, directed by Florent Masse, features Fional Bell (class of 18), James Tralie (2019), Jianing Zhao (2020), Paul Gauthier, Jane Sul (2020), Michael Smilek (2020), Julien Laks, Darina Kamikazi (2021), and Adnan Sachee (2019).

In French. Duration 110 mn.
Tickets are free but reservations are required.