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Life in Picoseconds

Life in Picoseconds, the 23rd experiment at Le Laboratoire, is a collaboration between French design team Millimetre, video artist and scientist Charles Reilly, artist Daniel Faust, artist and researcher Anna Ondaatje, and Le Laboratoire founder David Edwards. Integral to the Life in Picoseconds experience is an extraordinary new form of digital representation, the Atom Screen.

In the exhibition, several works by New York-based photographer/artist Daniel Faust, taken from his recent exhibition Silicon in San Jose, California, appear next to a large vertical Atom Screen. The Atom Screen uses two panes of translucent plastic about an inch apart and filled with about five quarts of polystyrene beads suspended in air like the balls in a lotto machine. The beads act like pixels—when light hits them, they reflect it with an almost holographic dimensionality.