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“Live to Love, Love to Live” by Medge Jaspan

Cannes-born French artist Medge Jaspan, who is currently pursuing her education at Columbia University in New York City, began painting twenty years ago, after a near-death experience and four months in bed. She will showing her work in New York for the first time on Wednesday, September 13, 2017.

She uses oil and acrylic for her art. She is well-known for the healing power of her paintings and their tremendous positive energy. Among her many creations you can see her art at Le Trophee de la Femme (Cannes, France, 2004), A Smile for Peace ( book and conference, Cannes, France, 2005), Art 4 Kids (Winter Park, Florida, 2010). She also had many exhibitions around the world, among some in Fukuoka (Japan), Cannes (France) Winter Park and Orlando (Florida, USA). She has been sold around the world.