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Maurice Marty: “Boulon Age”

Twenty First Gallery will showcase the fiercely modern designs of French designer Maurice Marty in an exhibition titled Boulon Age. For decades, Marty has been recognized as a visionary and a multi-faceted creator. With a body of work that spans oil paintings, architecture, sculpture, and furniture design, he has distinguished himself as a uniquely chimerical imagination.

In his exhibition Boulon Age, the designs seem to symbolize the transition from the machine age ethos to post-modern irony. The exhibition title itself is a play on “boulonnage”, translated from French to mean “bolting.” Marty’s work embodies a fascination with functionality, while simultaneously using scale to disrupt our consideration of typically utilitarian objects. 

Marty works in bronze, steel, wood, and brass to create timeless yet thoroughly contemporary designs. A common nut-and-bolt grows in size to become the perfect side table. A screw elongates into a column. James Kirk’s captain’s chair on the USS Enterprise is reworked as an elegant fauteuil. The pieces encourage the user to see the everyday ordinary through a creative lens.  Reminiscent of classic sci-fi film sets, the collection serves as a crucial reminder that technology still holds as much promise today as it has in past centuries.