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Miami Short Film Festival: Focus on France

Our Philosophy:  Short films, past and present, are true works of art, and deserve a venue dedicated to their exhibition. Our mission is to present quality films from around the world. As well as support, recognize and honor our filmmakers for their visionary excellence in creating a films under 20 minutes. This month’s theme is “Focus on France.” We will be presenting 7 short films ranging from animation to narrative to experimental. The screening will run about 105 minutes.  All films are subtitle in English.


“Le Miroir” – By Sébastien Rossignol, 15 min
After a horrible accident, that leaves her disfigured and fleeing the media pressure, famous actress Vera Bella decided to take some rest at a secret oceanside manor.  A place she hasn’t been in a long time…

“Le Nid” – By Aurélien Drach, 7:55 min
Guilbert has a big problem: He’s loosing his hair. Today is a big day; he has an appointment with a professor of medicine specializing in hair loss.  This meeting will change the course of his life.

“Matriarche” – By Guillaume Pierret, 8:36 min
Prison’s visiting room. Confrontation between a mother and her son, after he took part in a bloody robbery.

“Le Train Bleu” – By Stephanie Assimacopoulo, 18 min
Paris – Gare De Lyon. Elie behaves as a true bounder. Selena, evermore in love, still wants to pick up the pieces. At the bar of ‘Le Train Bleu’, where they stop to have a last drink, neither one can imagine what will happen…

“Abymee”- By Charles Jacquard, 11 Min
Lucie is an actress, but she wanted to be a director. Until reality meets fiction. Or maybe it’s the other way round.

“Hymen” – By Cedric Prevost, 26 Min
In a Paris hotel room, a man greets the escort girl he has selected from a web site. But the encounter does not go entirely according to plan…

“Le Souffle court” – By Guillaume Legrand, 20 min
Léa loves Arnaud. The young and carefree couple, living in an abandoned school, find themselves involved in child trafficking. Faced with the situation, the young girl hesitates. However, Léa loves Arnaud.