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Minuit by Yoann Bourgeois

As part of the Brooklyn/Paris Exchange and Tandem Paris-New York, BAM and Théâtre de la Ville present the U.S. premiere of Minuit, by French director Yoann Bourgeois.

Poised somewhere between inhale and exhale, night and day, Minuit (“Midnight”) marks the US debut of charismatic acrobat and performer Yoann Bourgeois, a major force in France’s nouveau cirque scene. This series of vaudevillian vignettes is the result of Bourgeois’ rigorous physical experimentation into what he calls the “suspension point,” the body’s ineffable moment of weightlessness while in motion. As he and his dazzling collaborators fall and fly, chairs, stairs, trampolines, and microphones are transformed into opportunities for humor, insight, and physical magic. Bodies mimic pulleys and gears, weights and counterweights, revealing poetry in that elusive space in between.