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Myriam Mechita

Make sure to be at the Mama Gallery on January 28th for the opening reception of the exhibition The Drunken Boat in my Eyes – Pain and Mystery by French artist Myriam Mechita. Running through March 11, the exhibition is presenting Mechita’s personal work, drawings on paper. As a result, the collection has an intimate relationship with the artist herself that creates a surreal and emotionally powerful tone. The collection is fit into two rooms in the gallery.

The first room is compromised of a series of 114 drawings, being all the same size and hung against a bold red background that immediately attracts the viewer’s attention. Taken from various sources of inspiration, this collection can be seen as a personal diary that recounts the artist’s sentiments towards the world around her.

In the second gallery, the viewer encounters an enchanting collection of portraits that originate from personal sessions of hypnotism – the viewers themselves are almost sure to become memorized by this spectacular show – and aim to reconnect with lost sensations.