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“No Tell Motel Paris” with Bob Sinclar

Select Entertainment invites you to the first ever, “No Tell Motel Paris”, with the legendary Bob Sinclar. We’re taking Bob’s signature Ibiza party, “Paris By Night”, and putting our own spin on it. Expect a full blown party environment when you arrive with special performers, costumes and vibe. We’re going all out on this production, you can’t miss this party!
Bob is a legendary French producer who’s global hits have made people all over the world dance for over a decade. Legend. It’s a word that’s bestowed far too easily these days. Like the word ‘love’, it’s used both freely and easily by many people to describe many things. But use those words when you’re talking about Bob Sinclar and they’re far from taken out of context. Bob Sinclar is the man who put the groove back onto the dance floor. A man who marches to the beat of his own tune, whether it’s the discotastic 12” delights of ‘World Hold On’ and ‘Love Generation’, the deep and soulful beats of his Africanism movement, or the near-obsession with reggae and dance hall that has filled his production work of late. For many, Bob Sinclar is one of the few legendary DJ/producers that we love to listen to – and it’s a relationship that’s far from over.