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Plexus by Aurélien Bory

Entangled in a dense field of 5,000 black nylon wires, a single body moves, incandescent and strange. In Plexus, derived from the Latin for “intertwining,” French physical theater maverick Aurélien Bory (Sans Objet, 2012 Next Wave; Les sept planches de la ruse, 2008 Next Wave) takes Japanese dancer and choreographer Kaori Ito (a frequent collaborator with James Thierrée and Angelin Preljocaj) as both muse and instrument. Animated by Arno Veyrat’s perception-altering lighting, the wires ripple and shimmer as Ito cleaves and falls against them, then floats delicately in space, radiating an eerie preternatural beauty that’s not quite, or perhaps more than, human.