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Remnants and Revivals

This exhibition brings together the work of Charles Meryon (French, 23 November 1821 – 13 February 1868) and John Taylor Arms, printmakers who revered the art and architecture of medieval Europe.

Meryon, a champion of the Etching Revival in France, became renowned for Etchings of Paris (Eaux-fortes sur Paris) (1850-54), a series depicting the city’s medieval buildings and streets during a period of grand-scale urban renovation. Meryon’s views of the Ile de la Cité and bridges stretching across the Seine often include fantastical and macabre details: gargoyles perched on Notre-Dame de Paris, flocks of menacing birds, and historic monuments looming over minutely-drawn figures, alive and dead. Meryon produced prints in multiple states, meticulously altering their composition and tone—even as his mental state sharply and tragically declined.