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Reporters Without Borders: 30 Years in Support of Free speech

This exhibition features a selection of posters used by Reporters without Borders (RSF) in their awareness campaigns. Over the past 30 years, this NGO has led numerous battles for the freedom of expression and the protection of reporters working in conflict zones.

Thursday, November 3, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM: Opening Reception

At 7:00 PM, Panel Discussion.

Stay for a talk about the Appeal that RSF launched in 2016 to the Secretary General of the United Nations, for a special Representative for the security of journalists. The talk will explore the concrete actions of RSF, and other NGOs, to support this Appeal. They are advocating for the guarantee of protection for journalists in conflict zones. This panel discussion will address this crucial and current issue to end violence against reporters and defend access to information around the world. The panelists and guest speakers will join in a debate moderated by key-note speaker, John Carroll, media analyst for NPR and senior news analyst at WBUR. Followed by a Q&A session with attendees. The talk will explore the concrete actions of RSF, and other NGOs, to support this Appeal.

About the Panelists

Margaux Ewen is an Advocacy and Communications Officer at RSF. She has degrees from the Sorbonne in France and George Washington University Law School in the US. At RSF, Margaux covers press freedom violations in the US, Canada and the English-speaking Caribbean. She coordinates and develops advocacy and media outreach strategies, and answers media inquiries.

Ron Haviv is an Emmy award-winning photojournalist who covers international conflicts and other humanitarian crises worldwide since the end of the cold war. He is the author of several photographic publications and co-founder of the photo agency VII. Ron Haviv is dedicated to raising awareness about human rights issues around the globe.

Sonia Dridi is a French journalist and correspondent currently based in Washington DC. She covered international news for France 24 in Paris after which she became the France 24 foreign correspondent in Cairo, Egypt. She covered the Egyptian Revolution and its aftermath until 2015. She produced the documentary “Sexual harassment, an Egyptian disease”. Since the summer of 2015, Sonia covers US news for various French media, including BFM TV, M6 and France 24. Sonia has a masters degree in journalism from Sciences-Po, Paris.

Slimane Zeghidour is a journalist, Chief Editor and Diplomatic Columnist at TV5MONDE. He is the Director of the TV series “Euromed”, examining the cultural links between the Northern and Southern rim countries of the Mediterranean. He has also consulted for programming on Algeria and the Middle East for networks including TF1, RF3 and TV Canada. As Senior reporter, he covered South America, Middle East, Russia and Central Asia for various reviews including Le Monde, El País, Le Nouvel Observateur, Géo. He teaches Geopolitics of Religions and the Middle East at Sciences-Po, journalism courses in Celsa-Sorbonne and lectured at several universities worldwide. He recently published Sors! La route t’attend(éditions les Arènes).

About the Moderator

John Carroll is a mass communication professor at Boston University, media analyst for NPR’s Here & Now, and senior news analyst at WBUR. For six years prior to joining the BU faculty, Carroll was the executive producer of Greater Boston, WGBH-TV’s nightly news and public affairs program. He was also a radio commentator for WGBH-FM, and a correspondent for WGBH-TV’s Beat the Press, a weekly media review program.