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Shades Of Despujols

This exhibition highlights work from the Meadow Museum of Art’s own Indochina Collection of Jean Despujols. Centenary College biology, neuroscience, and psychology students will partner with art, communication, and design students to teach the public about the role of color in both perception and art, while showcasing Despujols’ beautiful, bold paintings.

Jean Despujols (1886-1965) was a French, later naturalized American, painter. He was a pupil of Paul Quinsac at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Bordeaux. In 1914 he won the Prix de Rome for painting but the outbreak of World War I suspended the French residencies at the villa Médicis. He had his stay in Rome after the war with his fellow painter Jean Dupas. His associations with America began in 1924-1936 as a teacher of the American art students sent to study at the École des Beaux-Arts de Fontainebleau.

In 1936, he was selected by the Grand Conseil Economique of French Indochina to undertake a tour of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos painting and drawing what he saw. When World War II broke out he emigrated to America, settling in Louisiana, and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Shreveport. The Texas oil millionaire Algur H. Meadows acquired a 360-piece collection of oil paintings and watercolors in 1969 and the Meadows Museum of Art at Centenary College of Louisiana was built to house these paintings.