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“The Knights” at Théâtre du Lycée Français de San Francisco

Based on Joseph Kesel’s famous 1967 novel Les Cavaliers, this French play follows the young and proud Ouroz who takes part in Afghanistan’s most important tournament, the King’s Bouzkachi. It is a very violent sport for knights with no holds barred! But Ouroz fails, falls from the horse and breaks his leg. Now, he must return home to his remote province and face his father, Great Toursène, a former champion of this cruel game, who heralds the family’s pride and glory. Here begins for Ouroz a long and hazardous travel of initiation. With him are his faithful servant Mokkhi and his magnificent but crazy horse Jehol. Together they will meet most extraordinary people and wander through places of extreme hardship.

Fascinated with Kesel’s epic, Eric Bouvron decided to adapt it for the theater. It has already garnered many favorable press reviews and won a 2016 Molière award for the best performance by an independent theater.