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Time in Paris: The Photographs of Vincent Lemonnier Ferro

With an old world patina — grainy, misty, almost haunting — Vincent Lemonnier Ferro’s black and white photography series Time in Paris captures the timeless essence of Paris and the Seine.

About the artist

Born in Rio de Janeiro from a French mother and a Portuguese father, both working in the printing and publishing industry, Vincent Lemonnier Ferro followed his family to Paris at the age of 11. His attraction to photography started around the age of 13 with a strong focus on Paris “street photography”, influenced by Cartier-Bresson, Kertesz, Brassaï. In parallel, he developed his skills in darkroom printing techniques, and made a point to quickly install a darkroom wherever he lived throughout the years. Photography was slowly evolving in the 90s from silver based to digital format. With a dual background in photography and software engineering, Vincent was immediately at ease with the new technologies, and decided to remain focused on Photography, while the new tools and processes were maturing. Today Vincent works in digital, but only switched when the hype went away and the dust settled down. In 1999, a Software company invited him to join their New York offices, but he eventually moved to Newburyport, Massachusetts, where he still lives today. Vincent has exhibited in public locations in Paris and London. The exhibition at the Firehouse Center for the Arts in Newburyport in November 2016 is the first one in the US.