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Vive Carrière

The LaGrange Art Museum in LaGrange, Georgia will host the exhibition Vive Carrière, a celebration of the life and artworks of the late 19th century French Symbolist painter Eugène Carrière, from September 8-November 10. The works on display are on loan from the private collection of Dr. Nick Vlachos.

Carrière, a contemporary of Auguste Rodin and Paul Gaugin, was known for his portraits and depictions of family life. Carrière portrayed his family in many works. They were a readily available source of inspiration for a painter too poor to pay for models. The LaGrange exhibition contains works featuring his wife Sophie, daughters Elise, Marguerite, Nelly, Lucie, and Arsene, and sons Jean-René and Leon, who died from diphtheria at age 4. Each piece is a 19th Century “Kodak Moment”: winding wool, lying down, nursing, embracing, smiling, praying — all interpreted through the eyes and hands of a family man.

The sculpture-like texture of Carrière’s paintings reveals the influence of his friend Auguste Rodin’s, while his monochrome pictures using only a very few figures and strokes would later influence Picasso’s numerous mother-and-child works and perhaps too, his blue period.