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Wastewater for Smart Cities: Transforming Sludge into Bioenergy

Atlanta and Toulouse have had strong ties since then mayors, Maynard Jackson of Atlanta, and Pierre Baudis of Toulouse united the two cities in 1974, when the Atlanta Toulouse Sister Cities Committee was formed. Georgia Tech continues this spirit of admiration and collaboration through dynamic partnerships in research, innovation, and academics.

Industry leaders, researchers, and academics from France and Atlanta will come together to discuss their current projects, which span from aerospace to wastewater management. As populations in cities grow, urban water management challenges increase. Millions of gallons of wastewater are discharged daily, and “Smart Water,” is a key component of every Smart City’s plan for a sustainable future. Engineers and scientists are addressing increasing infrastructure demands by developing wastewater and sludge treatment programs that are sophisticated, efficient, and environmentally-friendly. Wastewater treatment plants are transforming into energy recovery facilities, linking wastewater management to energy management.

At this roundtable, researchers, municipal, and industry leaders from Atlanta and Toulouse, will discuss today’s challenges and innovations in wastewater management, highlighting the shift from disposal to energy creation and resource recovery.