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Yuksek Live in Brooklyn, NY

Electronic Boredom and solitude are two things most musicians don’t wear well. Once detachment starts to kick in, terrible things tend to happen – hard drugs, loose women, broken television sets, you know the picture. But when French electro maverick Yuksek found himself both more or less bored with the self-serving demands of the dancefloor and all too often alone on tour, solely accompanied by his collection of synths and FX boards, he wisely decided to avoid the aforementioned trappings and pour his heart and soul into song. The aftermath, “Living On The Edge Of Time,” is an album inspired by the numbness of life on the road, the feeling of being alone in a crowd and constant need for creative exploration – but also a collection of unabashed, jubilant pop tunes; introspective and uplifting at the same time. Never an aspiring DJ or clubber by nature, his shows area live flurry of keyboards, mixing consoles, wires and drum machines. Strikingly, it’s this experience of solo performances to anonymous crowds, the lengthy hours and days away from spouse and child,that inspired the songs that make up “Living On The Edge Of Time.” When Yuksek takes his new babies on the road, he won’t be by himself – gone are the days of solitude, he’s taking his musician buddies along for the ride.