Facebook and the Gilets Jaunes: Revolution in the Age of Social Media

The Parisian riots of May 1968 were hatched in the city’s cafés, just like the ones in June 1832, March 1871, and February 1934. But the "yellow vests" movement has broken away from this historical precedent. For the very first time, the uprising was born on social media before spilling out onto the street. In…

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  • Up to the last paragraph, the article made some sens. But, of course, France-Amerique being very liberal, can’t forget to put down the U.S. president. Millions of “basket of deplorable” voted for him: they got fed up with the elites (right and left), the government, the elites in Washington (the swamp) and Paris who live in their hotels particuliers, send their kids to private schools, the migrants sucking the blood out of the Americans (and French) through taxes and entitlements. They all got fed up with the corruption and being ignored. Therefore, wisely, to quote your paragraph, the U.S. president goes over the heads of institutions to restore power, jobs, money back to the people, and in France the yellow vests “forget” there is a parliament and the feminists condemn everything without involving the justice system. They took the matter into their hands. Many of us are not “puzzled” at all and some courageous souls took to the streets. It started with the right idea: too many taxes. We know that if Europe and the U.S are for open borders and greet millions of migrants with open arms, it is mostly for the votes (who will be sure to vote for the left, the hand that feeds them; socialist ideology) and globalism (Make no mistake, the powers-that-be will be controlling us like puppets and extremely rich à la George Soros). They want a government who will tell people how to think, how to live, what to learn at school, who control their way of life as they knew it and reduce people into apathy: the government knows best what is best for you. All through, the complicit media, more taxes and lack of opportunities. The “revolution” is simply because the masses, the ones who are struggling to pay the taxes to support everybody else have been ignored for too long… Then you have the losers, “casseurs,” clueless but enlightened movie stars who are cashing in millions of dollars, brainwashed students, ecologists (who have no qualms setting fires to cars and tires–adding to the pollution), the bureaucrats who are enjoying plenty of benefits including retirement, and other ideologists who are grabbing the opportunity to join the ranks, destroy, deface, steal, and kill but that’s another story… In the meantime, you have the media on the left, the bleeding heart liberals, the limousine left (caviar de la gauche) cozily installed in their comfortable apartments, gated houses, traveling in private planes (more pollution) or first class, who feel guilty while sipping a glass of Dom Perignon, who proclaim they are for redistribution of wealth (but preferably not theirs: other people money works better). That rhetoric gets them to many beautiful parties, well-dressed charitable events, rubbing shoulders with other elitists while they exchanged names of “cheap” housekeepers, handymen and gardeners who will be paid under the table, all cash, and not pay taxes but do have enough to send some money back home for the rest of the extended family to travel to the U.S. (for instance) for family reunification. The Mercedes and BMW of the upper class won’t suffer much from parting with some extra tax on gas. They all are deeply moral people, the rest of us are sinful or stupid or poor (les sans dents of François Hollande) and love to lecture the rest of us who have the nerve to have a different opinion. And we are back to the average American and French taxpayers who in the meantime are squeezed out of their money. Make the French work longer hours and encourage small businesses, hiring, working part-time, yes, horror, even during the weekend, and less paid vacation, promote less government, do away with all this welfare for the migrants and last but not least stop all these benefits each time somebody has a kid, there are already too many people on this planet who are responsible for the pollution: they need clean water, cars or other form of transportation, refrigerators, computers, phones, all kind of things that have to be discarded (where?), they use plastic bags, more human waste, they smoke and so on… Factories need to run, which create more pollution.

  • Cela semblerait indiquer que nous entrons dans une nouvelle ère de désordre–et que ce n’est pas encore la “fin de l’Histoire”. Les réseaux sociaux sont-ils une espèce de “miroir aux alouettes” ? sorte d’attrape-nigauds ? Mais la mobilisation peut être de courte durée. Les révolutions se faisaient dans les rues de Paris avec peu d’hommes. Aujourd’hui cela semble impossible, non ?

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