France-Amérique Turns 75!

Seventy-five years ago today, on Sunday, May 23, 1943, the first issue of France-Amérique, “America’s French newspaper,” was published in New York.

At the outbreak of World War II, the French community in the United States no longer had a newspaper. The respected Courrier des Etats-Unis, founded in 1828, had ceased publication in 1938, ruined by the Great Depression. In 1943, exiled journalists Emile Buré and Henri Torres partnered up to create the weekly publication France-Amérique. Their goal was to raise awareness about Occupied France in the United States, and to support the Resistance movement led by Charles de Gaulle.

The newspaper was edited at the Free French Delegation in New York, at 626 5th Avenue. On its front page, the first issue bore a note of encouragement sent from London by De Gaulle himself. “I wish good luck to France-Amérique,” he wrote in his telegram. “I am positive that your newspaper will help tell our friend, the United States, what France is capable of and what France desires […]. It will help strengthen the ties of friendship between our two countries that are essential to the victory and the reconstruction of the world.”

May 23, 1943: The first issue of France-Amérique

May 23, 1993: France-Amérique turns 50


  • Nous savons aujourd’hui que “l’amitie” dont parlait le General De Gaulle alors fut mince. Il ecrit, par la suite, comment les dirigeants anglo-saxons prenaient des decisions sans avoir consulte leur homologue francais–meme lorsque cela concernait la France. Nous pouvons en conclure que et Roosevelt et Churchill ont ete entoures de conseillers extremistes. Ceux-ci se comportent en factions, nous le savons par l’histoire hitlerienne. Nous, les Americains, sommes obliges d’admettre l’action perptetuelle de ceux qui preferent la haine a la vie fraternelle. Nous observons, encore de nos jours, l’oeuvre de cette faction, qui se permet les machinations menant a la domination d’autrui. La Deuxieme guerre n’avait jamais prit fin, pour dire vrai. Il existe encore une politique anti-latine, chez nous comme ailleurs.

    General De Gaulle wrote, later, of the incessant problems he had with Roosevelt and Churchill, who made decisions on the part of the Allies without consulting with him–even when the interests of France were at stake. This is a sad aspect of American collusion with extremist forces, elsewhere. We see, today, that World War II never really ended.

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