From DSK to Weinstein, Progress in the Fight for Women’s Rights

The Weinstein scandal has sparked a storm of reactions in both France and the United States, but the DSK scandal six years ago received a far more lukewarm response.

Is French society more hypocritical or more tolerant than American society when it comes to sexual predators? When it was revealed in 2011 — by the Americans — that Dominique Strauss-Khan had sexually assaulted and attempted to rape a New York hotel maid, he was defended by certain people in France. His political career was torpedoed, but he escaped conviction. The former head of the IMF spent four days in prison on Rikers Island, but the U.S. courts dismissed the case based on lack of evidence and credibility. DSK was released on bail, and paid his victim 1.5 million dollars. Since the events, he has regularly appeared


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