Is Facebook Bad for Our Health?

The scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica, a company accused of using the personal data of 50 million Facebook users to positively influence Donald Trump’s electoral campaign, has rekindled a longstanding debate: Is it time to #deleteFacebook?

You are in front of your computer screen. You connect to the internet and prepare to type something on your keyboard. You think you are alone, in total privacy. If you are interacting with someone, it is someone of your choosing. But in fact, you should imagine you are totally exposed to the eyes of the public, that everything you write and search for will be known and heard by everyone, and that an almost indelible trace of your online activity will remain forever.

We know all of this, but we are quick to forget it. It is in effect very difficult to imagine that any real semblance of a private life ends the moment we make a call on a cell phone or access the internet. We are also used to said services being free. There is no longer any need to buy stamps


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