Is France More Racist Than America?

Anyone reading the op-ed published in the New York Times on December 28, 2017, would believe French people are racists who turn a blind eye, while Americans at least recognize the discrimination inflicted on African-Americans.

This hypothesis is based on the misfortunes of a French journalist of African descent, Rokhaya Diallo, who has made the papers in America while stirring up little debate in France. Ms. Diallo was supposedly ousted from the French National Digital Council, a consulting committee similar to many others set up by different governments, and tasked with examining the impact of the Internet on society. This exclusion is claimed to have been caused by Ms. Diallo’s public positions condemning the "institutional racism," or even "state racism" rearing its head in France.

It remains unknown whether her dismissal was really down to her political stances, but that is what the New York Times and Ms. Diallo would have


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