July 2017

OP-ED The Handshake
BUSINESS The Baguette Embraces France’s Diversity
ICONIC The Bistro Chair
SWEET TOOTH La bergamote de Nancy
TELEVISION French TV Shows Turn Heads in the U.S.
HERITAGE Maguelone Cathedral, a Lost Episcopal Seat
HAPPY HOUR Back to the Future with French Aperitifs!
BON APPETIT Ratatouille
CINEMA The Midwife, and other movie
LANGUAGE French Literature: Overcoming the 3% Problem
GAMES Arrow Word Puzzle


  • Notre-Dame of AmericaNotre-Dame of America The most famous cathedral in France is appealing to American patrons in an effort to find funding for its estimated 179 million dollars of renovation work. The pearl of French gothic art […] Posted in Opinion
  • The Baguette Embraces France’s DiversityThe Baguette Embraces France’s Diversity Mahmoud M’Seddi is the best baker in Paris. For the second year in a row, a baker of Maghrebin descent has won the Baguette Grand Prix of the city of Paris. ”The French national bread […] Posted in Opinion