February 2018

OP-ED Two Revolutions
ICONIC The Escape Scarf
SWEET TOOTH La praline de Montargis
COMMUNITY Like a Breton in America
BUSINESS The Airbus-Boeing Phony War
SAVOIR-FAIR The Art of the Trompe-l’œil
HISTORY How France Helped Make the U.S.A. a Reality
BOOKS Gauguin, The Other World
CINEMA 12 Days: Madness in the Face of Justice
LITERATURE What English Owes French
THE OBSERVER On Machine Translation
THE WORDSMITH Les termes médicaux



January 2018

OP-ED Johnny, France’s Good American
ICONIC The Louis Vuitton Trunk
SWEET TOOTH The Gugelhupf Cake
COMMUNITY French Book Clubs
CULTURE The Most Beautiful Cinemas in Paris
HISTORY Gallipolis, a French Utopia in Ohio
BON APPETIT Anna Potatoes
BOOKS Magritte, This is Not a Biography
CINEMA Lover For A Day
THE OBSERVER Jewish Humor in the U.S. and France
THE WORDSMITH L’écriture inclusive


December 2017

OP-ED Harassment: America is Stricter Than France
TIPS How to Spot a Good Baguette
ICONIC Christofle Silverware
SWEET TOOTH Candied Chestnuts
HERITAGE Versailles’ American Splendor
PROFILE Anka Muhlstein: Remembering Works Past
BON APPETIT Coffee Yule Log
BOOKS Monet, Itinerant of Light
CINEMA Happy End, a Chilling Family Farce
LITERATURE The Prix Goncourt in 2017
THE OBSERVER The Rise and Rise of Dictionaries
THE WORDSMITH Entre anacoluthe et hyperbole


November 2017

OP-ED After Las Vegas
ICONIC The Weston Moccasin
SWEET TOOTH Angélique de Niort
BUSINESS Get Ready For Beaujolais Nouveau!
BOOKS The Children’s Books America Can’t Put Down
FASHION American v. French Style
CINEMA 120 Beats per Minute, a Lust for Life
THE OBSERVER Lost in Translation
THE WORDSMITH Noir, c’est noir


October 2017

OP-ED Toppling Statues
ICONIC The Pea Coat
SWEET TOOTH Le cannelé de Bordeaux
HISTORY Sainte-Mère-Eglise Really Remembers
WINE A Bottle of Burgundy’s Transatlantic Trip
CINEMA Faces Places: A Journey Through France
TRANSATLANTIC America Through the Eyes of Sartre
BOOKS Sartre, a Graphic Novel
LITERATURE A Fall Tradition
THE OBSERVER What Makes a Country Laugh?
THE WORDSMITH Les ambiguïtés du français


September 2017

OP-ED Towards an Americanization of Social Customs
ICONIC The Caran d’Ache Pencils
SWEETH TOOTH La Forestine de Bourges
RELIGION The Mormons of France Granted a Temple
EDUCATION Parents are Driving Bilingualism in the U.S.
CLUBS A Benjamin Franklin Tradition
BOOK French Château Living: Le Lude
BON APPETIT Sole Meunière
CINEMA Loving Vincent, a Masterpiece!
LITERATURE Fake Fact: The Decline of French Fiction
LANGUAGE Speech Mannerisms


August 2017

OP-ED The Genius of Nations
ICONIC The Michel Hat
SWEET TOOTH L’Anis de Flavigny
PREMIUM All the Way From France
COMMUNITY French Associations in the U.S.
TREND Americans Say “I Do” to French-Style Weddings
BON APPETIT Omelet Mousseline
CINEMA Polina, Portrait of an Artist in the Making
LANGUAGE My Manager’s a Rock Star
GAMES Arrow Word Puzzle


July 2017

OP-ED The Handshake
BUSINESS The Baguette Embraces France’s Diversity
ICONIC The Bistro Chair
SWEET TOOTH La bergamote de Nancy
TELEVISION French TV Shows Turn Heads in the U.S.
HERITAGE Maguelone Cathedral, a Lost Episcopal Seat
HAPPY HOUR Back to the Future with French Aperitifs!
BON APPETIT Ratatouille
CINEMA The Midwife, and other movie
LANGUAGE French Literature: Overcoming the 3% Problem
GAMES Arrow Word Puzzle


June 2017

OP-ED A Rebirth of Anti-Americanism
POLITICS Macron’s Electoral Victory: Is It a Mandate?
ICONIC Marseille Soap
SWEET TOOTH Le Cotignac d’Orléans
LES MIZ Les Misérables Take Over Broadway
FRENCH BUSINESS The Macaron Franchise Frenzy
GREEN THUMB The Thoughtful Gardener
BON APPETIT Onion Quiche
CINEMA A Journey Through French Cinema
LANGUAGE Yes, We Can… Coin a Slogan!
GAMES Arrow World Puzzle


May 2017

OP-ED French Presidential Elections Under American Influence
ICONIC The Espadrille
SWEET TOOTH La Madeleine de Commercy
HERITAGE Château La Coste: Contemporary Art in the Vineyard
PATRONAGE Preserving the Stones of France
FASHION Joan Juliet Buck: The American Behind French Vogue
THE NEW PARIS “Paris Is Not Just a Museum City”
BON APPETIT Gruyère and Chive Soufflé
CINEMA A Woman’s Life by Stéphane Brizé
BOOKS The Table Comes First by Adam Gopnik
LANGUAGE On Fleek, Awesome, Legit… Embarrassing!
GAMES Arrow Word Puzzle


April 2017

OP-ED Donald, Jim & Henry
ICONIC The Costes Chair by Philippe Starck
SWEET TOOTH Le Négus de Never
TRENDS Craft Beer’s Triumphant Return
HERITAGE Roubaix’s Swimming Pool Museum
ZOOM Words at the Bottom of the Screen
PHILOSOPHIE Bachir Diagne, A Universalist Philosopher
HISTORY Lafayette and U.S. Celebrity Mania
BON APPETIT Steak with Mustard Butter and French Fries
CINEMA The Death of Louis XIV
BOOKS A Paris Journal by Jean-Philippe Delhomme
LANGUAGE A Free Shave and a Chicken in Every Pot
GAMES Arrow Word Puzzle


March 2017

OP-ED Stories of Money
ICONIC Agnelle Gloves
SWEET TOOTH Toulouse’s Candied Violets
EDUCATION The Boom in French Immersion Classes in Texas
HISTORY James Baldwin in France
ALBUM The Café Society
BON APPETIT Roasted Root Vegetables
BOOKS Moby Dick, a Graphic Novel
LANGUAGE E Pluribus Unum. Really?
GAME Bilingual Arrow Word Puzzle


February 2017

OP-ED The United States à la française
ICONIC The Vuarnet Sunglasses
SWEET TOOTH The Calisson d’Aix
CINEMA Is French Cinema Still a Star in the U.S.?
CUISINE French Culinary Schools in the U.S.
CULTURE The Grand Musée du Parfum
HERITAGE David Rabinowitch at Notre-Dame-du-Bourg
BON APPETIT White Bean, Sausage and Duck Confit Casserole
BOOKS The New French Couture
LANGUAGE English Has a Certain Je ne Sais Quoi
GAMES Bilingual Arrow Word Puzzle


January 2017

OP-ED No Regrets
ICONIC The Caron Perfumes
SWEET TOOTH The King’s Cake
CITY OF LOVE A Guide to Paris for Hopelessly Homesick Americans
HISTORY Edith Piaf in America
BON APPETIT French Onion Soup
BOOKS The Lightness by Catherine Meurisse
LANGUAGE Suffice It To Say That Clichés Should Be Banned

December 2016

OP-ED The Art of Voting Twice
ICONIC Scented Candles by Cire Trudon
HERITAGE Saint-Eustache, a Contemporary Church in Paris
CHAMPAGNE The Rise of American Sparkling Wine
BON APPETIT A (Spicy!) Traditional French Christmas Menu
BOOKS Freud, a Graphic Novel
LANGUAGE A Brief History of Political Insults


November 2016

OP-ED False Friends
ICONIC The Jacquard Weave
TRADITION An American Thanksgiving in Paris
ART DE VIVRE The Rise of American Artisan Cheese
MADE IN FRANCE A Showcase for French Luxury Artisanry in the US
HISTORY Justus Rosenberg in Marseille
BON APPETIT Chicken With Mustard
BOOKS Pablo, A Lively Portrait of Picasso


October 2016

OP-ED The Real French Woman
ICONIC The Beret
ESSAY On Becoming an American
HISTORY Varian Fry’s Mission to Save Cultural Europe
BON APPETIT Coffee Crème Brûlée
BOOKS Love in Vain. Robert Johnson
INTERVIEW A Conversation with YSL
LANGUAGE To (S)he to Not to (S)he? Quite the Question!


September 2016

OP-ED An American Vote for the French President
ICONIC The Moleskine Notebook
EDUCATION In Utah, Bilingualism is the Talk of the Town
FRANCOPHONIA TV5 Brings French Culture to the U.S.A.
ART Dubuffet at the Morgan Library
HERITAGE The American Church in Paris
CINEMA Jean Renoir in Hollywood
BON APPETIT Fennel, Radish, Orange and Crab Salad
BOOKS Cruising Through The Louvre, a Graphic Novel
LANGUAGE The A.T.S. Syndrom

August 2016

OP-ED Three Colors
HERITAGE French Stones in America
HAPPY HOUR Breakfast in America
ART DE VIVRE The Art of French Conversation
BON APPETIT Berry Parfait
BOOKS Gauguin Off the Beaten Track
LANGUAGE How to Repel a Stealthy Invasion

July 2016

OP-ED Revolution as Play in France
POINT OF VIEW Camus’ Lessons in Today’s Context
ICONIC The Straw Boater
TOUR DE FRANCE Ten Iconic Stage Cities
FRENCH BUSINESS Prelle’s Lyon-Made Silk Seduces the U.S.
CULTURE Shakespeare & Company
INTERVIEW Sylvia Whitman
HISTORY A French Phalanstery in Texas
BON APPETIT Tomato Tarte Tatin
BOOKS The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia
LANGUAGE The French Spelling Reform: Mch Ado Abt Nthing

France-Amérique June 2016

June 2016

OP-ED Imaginary Invalids
REPORTAGE Liberty-Equality-Gastronomy
ICONIC Extravagant Eyewear by EK
FRENCH BUSINESS Ligne Roset, POP!ular Furniture
CULTURE The American Library in Paris
HERITAGE The Château d’Oiron: A Contemporary Cabinet of Curiosities
BON APPETIT Red Berry Pavlova
BOOKS Coutures Makes a Splash; Audubon in America, a Graphic Novel
LANGUAGE Singular Plural; Lost in Translation?