August 2016

OP-ED Three Colors
HERITAGE French Stones in America
HAPPY HOUR Breakfast in America
ART DE VIVRE The Art of French Conversation
BON APPETIT Berry Parfait
BOOKS Gauguin Off the Beaten Track
LANGUAGE How to Repel a Stealthy Invasion

July 2016

OP-ED Revolution as Play in France
POINT OF VIEW Camus’ Lessons in Today’s Context
ICONIC The Straw Boater
TOUR DE FRANCE Ten Iconic Stage Cities
FRENCH BUSINESS Prelle’s Lyon-Made Silk Seduces the U.S.
CULTURE Shakespeare & Company
INTERVIEW Sylvia Whitman
HISTORY A French Phalanstery in Texas
BON APPETIT Tomato Tarte Tatin
BOOKS The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia
LANGUAGE The French Spelling Reform: Mch Ado Abt Nthing

France-Amérique June 2016

June 2016

OP-ED Imaginary Invalids
REPORTAGE Liberty-Equality-Gastronomy
ICONIC Extravagant Eyewear by EK
FRENCH BUSINESS Ligne Roset, POP!ular Furniture
CULTURE The American Library in Paris
HERITAGE The Château d’Oiron: A Contemporary Cabinet of Curiosities
BON APPETIT Red Berry Pavlova
BOOKS Coutures Makes a Splash; Audubon in America, a Graphic Novel
LANGUAGE Singular Plural; Lost in Translation?

May 2016

OP-ED Exceptional America
ICONIC The Goyard Picnic Basket
FRENCH BUSINESS Jacques Torres’ Chocolate Factory
FASHION Parsons Paris, a Fashion Legacy
ART The Catholic Church’s Contemporary Art Scene
HISTOIRE Who Invented the Cinema?
BON APPETIT Romanesco Tart
POINT OF VIEW Remembering the Lafayette Escadrille
BOOKS Suite Française: Storm in June
LANGUAGE Pardon my French!

April 2016

OP-ED The Anti-Immigrant Outcry
POINT OF VIEW Money Quarrels Sour a Historic Relationship
ICONIC The Basque
GASTRONOMY The Parisian Chef Daniel Rose Comes Home to America
REPORTAGE Omaha Speaks French
HISTORY 750 Years in Paris
CINEMA Marguerite, “the Opera Singer Who Could Sing Everything Except Notes”
HERITAGE Living Heritage at the Calder Workshop in Saché
BON APPETIT Red Snapper with Fennel
BOOKS Where’s Karl?
LANGAGE The Fear of Everything

France-Amérique March 2016

March 2016

OP-ED My Two Presidents
POINT OF VIEW The French Theory
ICONIC The Peugeot Bicycle
FRENCH BUSINESS America Goes Banana over French Applesauce
LITERATURE At the Heart of the Série Noire Collection
FRANCOPHONIA French Dialects Fight for Survival in the U.S.
SAVOIR-FAIRE Fixing the Light Fantastic
INTERVIEW Luc Sante’s Other Paris
BON APPETIT Watercress Risotto with Scampi and Scallops
BOOKS Bonjour Paris
LANGUAGE Famous Misquotes

France-Amérique February 2016

February 2016

OP-ED J’ai Deux Amours
ICONIC The Cartier Tank Watch
FRENCH BUSINESS French Start-Ups Take the U.S. by Storm
LITERATURE Henry Miller’s Paris
ART The Mona Bismarck American Center in Paris
HISTORY The Saga of French Newspapers in California
BON APPETIT Molten Chocolate Cake
BOOKS Fashion and the Art of Pochoir
LANGUAGE The Language of Chefs

France-Amérique January 2016

January 2016

OP-ED The Nationalist Vampire Bare its Fangs
POINT OF VIEW Real Equality for Minorities, Now!
ICONIC The Umbrella of Cherbourg
FRENCH BUSINESS French Waters’ Success on the American Market
CEREMONY Honor, Country, and the Pursuit of Medals
HERITAGE Paris’ New Rodin Museum
CINEMA When Truffaut Interviewed Hitchcock
HAPPY HOUR Harry’s Bar
BON APPETIT Apple King’s Cake
BOOKS André the Giant
LANGUAGE From September 11 to November 13

France-Amérique December 2015

December 2015

OP-ED Happy Holidays!
POINT OF VIEW What’s Wrong with France?
ICONIC Shalimar: The Perfume of the Roaring Twenties
FRENCH BUSINESS Airbus: Blue Skies for French Aircraft in Alabama
FASHION Jacqueline de Ribes: French Muse and Icon
HISTORY The Invention of Santa Claus
LITERATURE Gilles Leroy: Three American Women
HERITAGE The Donjon de Vez, a Medieval Residence for Contemporary Artists
BON APPETIT Merry Christmas!
BOOKS Louis Vuitton Windows
LANGUAGE Madam is Served

France-Amérique November 2015

November 2015

OP-ED Letter to Michael
HISTORY Lafayette v. Rochambeau: The “Rock Star” and the General
ICONIC The Louis Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck
HERITAGE Graham Arader III: Collector, Art Dealer, Philanthropist
CINEMA Darius Khondji, the Man Behind Woody Allen
PORTFOLIO The Ghosts of Ellis Island
CONNECTIONS Boris Vian and the Vernon Sullivan Affair
TALENT Davis Bellos, the Irresistible Translator
BON APPETIT Spiced Butternut Squash Verrines
BOOKS Everyone Loves Paris
LANGUAGE From Zazous to Hipster

France-Amérique October 2015

October 2015

OP-ED Letter to Pamela
POINT OF VIEW A Lesson From iPhones
ICONIC The Cartier Trinity Ring
FRENCH BUSINESS French Style for our “Little Darlings”
HERITAGE William Christie, the Man Behind the Revival of French Baroque Music
CONNECTIONS Georges Simenon
HISTORY Edgar Degas, an Impressionist in New Orleans
BON APPETIT Tarragon-Flavored Soup
LANGUAGE French Political Slurs

France-Amérique September 2015

September 2015

OP-ED Democracy in France and in America
POINT OF VIEW Happy Like a Jew in France
ICONIC The Bic Ballpoint Pen
FRENCH BUSINESS Maison Kayser is Making Artisan Bread on a Large Scale
HERITAGE The Contemporary Water Theatre Grove at Versailles
PORTFOLIO Versailles Revisited
CONNECTIONS Paul Claudel, Ambassador and Poet
HISTORY The Saga of French Laundries in California
BOOKS Proust for All
LANGUAGE The Names of Strange Ministers

France-Amérique August 2015

August 2015

OP-ED Where Is One the Most Free?
ICONIC The Hermès Square Scarf
SPECIAL Thirty French-American Talents
BON APPETIT Celeriac and Long Pepper Tartlet
LANGUAGE The Migrant Migraine

France-Amérique July 2015

July 2015

OP-ED Is God French?
POINT OF VIEW Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, Gluten-Free
ICONIC Maille, Mustard Fit for a King
FRENCH BUSINESS Pernod Ricard in the United States
SOCIETY American Friends of French Culture
CROSSINGS Josephine Baker, the Freedom Fighter
FASHION Fashion Victims of Versailles
HISTORY Elle, the American-Style Women’s Magazine
BON APPETIT Red Currant and Apricot Clafoutis
HERITAGE Limoges: What’s in a Name?
LANGUAGE Suburban Terms

France-Amérique June 2015

June 2015

OP-ED The Times They Are A-Changin’
POINT OF VIEW Locks and Love
ICONIC Repetto Ballet Pumps: From the Opera to the Sidewalk
FRENCH BUSINESS French Banks, American Business
REPORTAGE Cider Conquers American Tables
PORTFOLIO Le Corbusier’s American Adventures
HISTORY Buffalo Bill’s Paris Circus
BON APPETIT Crêpes & Hard Cider Sangria
HERITAGE France (Re)Designed
CINEMA Yves Saint-Laurent and his Doubles
LANGUAGE “Come As You Are!”

France-Amérique May 2015

May 2015

OP-ED The Future Is Ours
ICONIC Grey Goose, Premium French Vodka
FRENCH BUSINESS Sofitel, a Room in Town
NEWS Marijuana: USA vs. France
CROSSINGS Jazz, a Transatlantic Love Story
PORTFOLIO The Parisianer, a Nod to the New Yorker
CONNECTIONS Jules Verne’s America
BON APPETIT Bœuf Bourguignon
HERITAGE Soulages at Conques: Let There Be Light
CREATION Swimming Pool: Tribute to David Hockney
LANGUAGE From the Capitol to Matignon