The Last Flight of Constallation F-BAZN

In his first novel, Constellation, Adrien Bosc explores the story of Air France plane F-BAZN, which was bound for New York but disappeared from the radar screens on October 27, 1949. For this novel “written under the wing of Blaise Cendrars”, Bosc was awarded the Grand prix de l’Académie française in 2014. An English translation will be released in the United States on May 10.

The sensation of the 2014 literary season, Adrien Bosc made an impact by his precociousness. Barely 26, he had already founded two reviews, Feuilleton and Desports, and had started an editing career when he launched the Editions du Sous-Sol publishing house.

Constellation was acclaimed by the critics: “As he must not disturb the peace of the dead, Bosc leads a sensitive investigation. He paints a time when France was different, wounded by the war but fully confident in the future. Jacques Chancel’s Le Grand Echiquier, a few songs by Gainsbourg or Bashung, a Cendrars poem: Bosc finds signs and correspondences that link together and revive these thirty-eight stars blown on October 27, 1949,” wrote Bruno Corty, a journalist for the newspaper Le Figaro.

Halfway between a journalistic investigation and a novel, Adrien Bosc explores the journey of the passengers on board the Constellation F-BAZN and describes with a naturalist precision their lives, so as to “hear the dead, write their small legend, and offer to these forty-eight men and women, like so many constellations, a life and a story.”

Constellation, by Adrien Bosc, Editions Stock, 2014, 18 €
Translated from French by Willard Wood, Other Press, 2016, $15.95


Article published in the December 2014 issue of France-Amérique.


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