The 2024 Olympics, a Godsend for the Paris Banlieues?


Paris will host the 2024 summer Olympic Games. The head of the International Olympic Committee sees the event as “a win-win situation” and Emmanuel Macron has called it a “victory.” But how will France benefit from hosting the Games?

The 1900 Olympics resulted in the construction of several famous Parisian monuments such as the Grand Palais and the Petit Palais. For 2024, the French capital plans to invest 6.6 million euros in its sporting infrastructure and hopes to galvanize its northern banlieue, which is currently plagued with violence and unemployment. The Olympic Village, a sailing center, as well as improved train and metro service should give the Seine-Saint-Denis département the help and the exposure its needs.

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  • English translation of banlieues? Outskirts. No need to use a French word. This from someone who loves France, its people and speaks French.

    • Thank you for your comment. However, we felt that the term “outskirts” or “suburbs” did not quite reflect the reality of the French “banlieues,” which are the equivalent of American inner cities.

  • American English equivalence of “banlieues” is outlying areas, which does sound very nice. As Sir Lawrence Olivier would say, “English a language that totally lacks the imagination.”

  • The writer and Fox News don’t seem to be either informed or travel much… America has 1000 no-go-zones which are 100 times more dangerous than Saint-Denis, with 100,000 casualties including 35,000 deaths every year.