Les Trois Petits Cochons: Charcuterie Leader Branches Out Into Healthy Snacks

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Since its opening as a small charcuterie shop selling pâtés and quiches in New York in 1975, Les Trois Petits Cochons (The Three Little Pigs) has taken pride in combining elevated with accessible, maintaining the company’s premium sourcing, production, and quality standards that make for great French food products.

This longtime specialty leader has gone back their roots, and are now modernizing the quiches they sold in the original shop in Greenwich Village with the launch of a new line of all natural, cage-free sous-vide egg bites.

“Our sous-vide egg bites are a completely new and innovative line for us that was inspired by one of our original items sold in the Greenwich Village shop: traditional French quiches,” says CEO David Kemp. “They encapsulate gourmet taste and ease of preparation, and stays true to our values of using only the highest quality ingredients, without sacrificing delicious taste and flavor.”

The sous-vide egg bites are gluten-free, high in protein, contain zero sugar, and are low in carbohydrates. They are available in four delicious varieties: bacon & swiss, prosciutto & gruyere, ham & Espelette pepper, mushroom and swiss, and a vegetarian option of spinach & feta. The brand plans to expand the line to include more flavor varieties and vegetarian options, as the four original flavors have been very popular since their launch at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco earlier this year.

“The product is an interesting addition to our extensive product line,” continues Kemp, “because it can be merchandised in both the grab and go or dairy aisles, and appeals to many different demographics. I think the greatest challenge will be educating the consumer about the new sous-vide egg bite line, and figuring out where it is best merchandised and most appealing to customers. It will be interesting to see in which part of the store the egg bites take off best.”

He added, “our sous-vide egg bites are ideal for busy city dwellers who rush to the office in the morning, or moms who want to pack a healthy snack for their kids. They are high in protein and low in carbohydrates, which make them perfect for active individuals and workaholics alike. We are excited about this new line and looking forward to seeing where we can go with it.”

You can find Les Trois Petits Cochons’ sous-vide egg bites in natural and conventional retailers nationwide — as well as online at www.3pigs.com. Go to our website and click “Contact Us” to locate a store near you. Connect on Facebook or on Instagram at @3PigsPate!