Macron-Apple, a Meeting of Leaders

The French president met with the CEO of Apple in Paris on October 6. Should we see this as a business meeting, or an encounter between two heads of state?

French journalist Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber published The American Challenge in 1967, which went on to be a best-seller both in France and the U.S.A. The writer observed in his work that major American groups at the time, such as IBM, Ford, and Boeing, were more powerful than certain European countries. He concluded that the European Union had to grow stronger and commit to shared projects. Airbus — an airplane manufacturer backed by France, West Germany, and the United Kingdom — was founded in 1970, but there have been few similar endeavors since. The same book could be written and published today, with Emmanuel Macron in the role of Servan-Schreiber, following the French president’s meeting with Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple.

Apple is a global empire that


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