Macron Fooled by Trump

Macron is a European who believes in diplomacy and reconciliation between peoples, while Trump swears by the use of power. They belong to two worlds between which there are no feasible links.

Emmanuel Macron is discovering — assuming he was not already aware — that there is little to be gained from kissing the U.S. president on the cheeks. If the main diplomatic goal of Macron’s visit to Washington was to ensure the United States remained in the Iran nuclear deal, then it’s safe to say it was a failure. What’s more, the U.S.A. is very unlikely to rejoin the Paris climate change agreement.

Macron and Trump cannot meet each other halfway on the core issues because they inhabit two worlds that are unable to compromise with each other. Macron is a European with a founded belief in diplomacy and international cooperation. Most French people share this optimistic, pacifistic vision that has defined the country since 1945. Trump, however, prefers muscled clashes. For the POTUS, to oppose is to exist.



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