My Son in U.S. Theaters

After Merry Christmas and Farewell, director Christian Carion has once again teamed up with Guillaume Canet, who plays a father in search of his missing son. This unapologetic thriller filmed in a single week with a half-improvised screenplay will be released in the United States on Friday.

Julien (Guillaume Canet) has been absent as both a husband and a father, and his marriage was unable to withstand his devotion to his career as a geologist and his constant trips abroad. While on a stopover in France, he discovers a message from Marie, his ex-wife (Mélanie Laurent, seen in Inglorious Basterds and Beginners). Distraught, she tells him the terrible news: their seven-year-old son Mathys has disappeared in the middle of the night while on a school skiing trip. Julien immediately travels to the last place where his son was seen and throws himself headlong into his own investigation independently from the police.

In the role of a father capable of anything to find his child, Guillaume Canet offers an intense performance that escalates throughout the film. The actor drew on the filming conditions imposed on the team by director Christian Carion. My Son was in fact filmed in just six days in the Vercors mountain range in the French Alps. And Canet rose to the challenge of portraying a frenzied father, without having any access to the screenplay and filming the scenes chronologically almost in real time. He was also the only member of the cast to discover each scene as it was filmed, reacting and improvising according to each new situation. Canet’s acting decisions in turn surprised his co-stars and influenced the original story written for his character. An astonishingly realistic cinematic experience.


U.S. release: May 10, 2019
Running time: 97 min
Director: Christian Carion
With: Guillaume Canet, Mélanie Laurent, Antoine Hamel, Olivier de Benoist
U.S. distributor: Cohen Media Group

Article published in the May 2019 issue of France-Amérique