Notre-Dame de Paris: Donate to Rebuild the Cathedral

Notre-Dame de Paris, a jewel of Gothic architecture from the 12th century and a symbol of French civilization, was ravaged by a fire on Monday evening. The cathedral’s two towers have survived, but two thirds of the roof, including the spire, have been destroyed. The tragedy sparked a wave of solidarity all over the world.

France-Amérique and Chargeurs are contributing to the effort and would like to invite you to make a donation to the Fondation du Patrimoine heritage fund for the cathedral’s reconstruction. A website is now available to make donations.

The U.S.-based public charity Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris, the American non-profit organization French Heritage Society, and the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) in New York are also calling on American benefactors to help rebuild the cathedral.


Aerial view of Notre-Dame Cathedral the day after the fire on Tuesday, April 16, 2019. © Gigarama

  • A noter que certains individus proches de l’extrême droite décoloniale (dont la vice-présidente de l’UNEF, syndicat étudiant crypto-fasciste) ont posté des tweets racistes et francophobes exprimant leur satisfaction de voir Notre-Dame en flammes et en cendres. Certains milieux universitaires français sont devenus de véritables pépinières d’intégristes haineux : on rencontre le même phénomène plus qu’alarmant aux USA et en Grande-Bretagne.

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