Obama Meets with Napoléon

Barack Obama did not travel to Paris to meet Emmanuel Macron. He was in fact invited by Les Napoléons, a small committee of French businesspeople who invest in covert diplomacy. On December 2, 2017, a date that marks the anniversary of the Battle of Austerlitz, Barack Obama was received at the Elysée Palace by Emmanuel…

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  • As an entrepreneur myself, it should be noted that Obama has failed us for many years. He has never been the leader and/or the decision-maker we were expecting to have. His fees should be given to charity organizations.

  • If he has spoken before you previously and you were disappointed in his subject matter, then why did you expect a different result this time? Why did you invite him other than to add a president of the United States of America to your accumulation of noteworthy speakers? Obama is a genuine gentleman who maintains high standards in his life, philosophy, and utterances. I applaud him and am proud that he served as president of this great country.

  • If he has failed you, it is your fault for not having been explicit about your expectations. President Obama is an honorable and honest man, and if you were not pleased with him before why did you invite him again if not for your own pompous, bragging mentality?

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