On the Usefulness of French Classes in the United States

Contrary to the statement made by the governor of Kentucky, French and math are equally important. Each subject is useful for the development of educated citizens.

Matt Bevin, the Republican governor of Kentucky, sparked an outcry among Francophile Americans by declaring the state would no longer finance French studies in public universities. The governor seems to see French literature as entirely unnecessary to the success of any upstanding American. However, he supports the teaching of the sciences, technology, and math. In his worldview, these subjects alone can lead to good jobs. But his actions betray his ignorance: leading thinkers also have an excellent general knowledge. What’s more, France has the privilege of offering some of the world’s finest engineering schools. Everyone knows that, except Matt Bevin.

What fewer people may be aware of is the ideological heritage behind the governor’s thinking. His attitude follows the longstanding traditions of the