Parisians Are Pissed at the City’s New Public Urinals

“In the city of lights, love, and romance, it is now possible to take in a sweeping, flower-filled scene of the River Seine and the historic Notre Dame cathedral — all while emptying one’s bladder in a totally legal, even environmentally friendly way.” Not on a tree, adds the Washington Post, but by using one of the new public urinals installed by the city of Paris.

Built in flower beds, these outdoor privies turn urine into compost and are guaranteed to let no odors escape. But the “genius invention” against smelly streets does not offer any privacy, an issue that has prompted resistance among residents and passersby, writes the Post.

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  • I have often played golf with men (and women) who head off to the trees when there is no restroom nearby, and then return a few minutes later and continue playing. At the end of the round, everyone shakes hands… I somehow doubt that they are all using hand sanitizer. However, at least they are out of view in the woods. On another note, I thought that they had installed some fancy self-cleaning port-a-johns in Paris some years ago, and then removed them because they were TOO private (?).

  • Paris est-elle toujours la ville du romantisme ? Vu la façon pour le moins cavalière dont sont parfois reçus les touristes (français ou étrangers), je conseillerais plutôt à ceux-ci de visiter Bordeaux, La Rochelle ou Lyon.

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