Presidents of the Rich

The tax reforms introduced by Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron have done nothing to improve the social and economic situations of our two countries. Instead, they are making the richest richer and widening the inequality gap.

Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron have committed to parallel tax reforms whose consequences, in both countries, weigh heavy on the middle classes while cutting taxes for wealthy businesses and individuals. The approach is nothing new; in every country, the government will take the money it needs from those who are easiest to tax — employees and the retired. The poor have no resources to take, and the rich — who would make excellent tax payers — use every fiscal trick in the book to slip through the tax collector’s grasp, and most often without ever breaking the law.

It has just been revealed that Apple pays little or no tax, and that the richest man in France, Bernard Arnault, doesn’t pay much either. In which case, what is the point in France


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