When Truffaut Interviewed Hitchcock

François Truffaut met Alfred Hitchcock for the Cahiers du cinéma in 1955. Their meeting inspired Hitchcock, a work compiled by Truffaut in which Hitchcock answered 500 questions about his career. The interview lasted four years. Historian, cinema critic and New York Film Festival director Kent Jones is the “American friend” of French film makers, whose culture and work he knows by heart, and has created a documentary based on this work. The film Hitchcock/Truffaut is currently showing in American cinemas, and will soon be available on-demand on HBO Go.

“Jean Delannoy’s best film will never be as good as Jean Renoir’s worst.” This pithy comment came from Truffaut in 1954 while he was working as a critic for the Cahiers du cinéma. With this quote the forerunner of the Nouvelle Vague summed up what he referred to as “Auteur Theory”. When discussing a good


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