Remove the Vests and Begin the (Real) Reforms

The Gilets Jaunes (“yellow vests”) movement which started 12 weeks ago has revealed a fracture in French society. Guy Sorman believes it is time for the government to react, and suggests two major reforms: massive investment in elementary education and the introduction of a “negative income tax.”

Overall, the Gilets Jaunes are right, although they do not know why and have chosen the wrong slogans, methods, and demands. This may well be the mark of any spontaneous revolt. Violence aside, this movement highlights a real fault in French society and other similar developed countries. It’s no wonder they have inspired relative support here and there across the world. The Gilets Jaunes uprising is therefore far from anecdotal, and its causes go beyond the price of gas and President Macron. But where exactly is this fault to be found? A real and undeniable divide has appeared. Not between the rich and the poor, but rather between the middle class and the “new poor” or those who are scared of finding themselves in the same situation. This works out as around 80% at the top and 20% at


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