Remove the Vests and Begin the (Real) Reforms

The Gilets Jaunes (“yellow vests”) movement which started 12 weeks ago has revealed a fracture in French society. Guy Sorman believes it is time for the government to react, and suggests two major reforms: massive investment in elementary education and the introduction of a “negative income tax.” Overall, the Gilets Jaunes are right, although they…

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  • L’analyse manque d’informations. J’ai 80 ans, je suis à la retraite et je travaille par choix. Les Français sont de plus en plus des assistés : nous avons les lois sociales les plus avantageuses d’Europe d’où une autre raison d’impôts élevés. Quant aux classes élémentaires, l’enquête est trop superficielle… Conclusion, l’article est moins interessant qu’il ne devrait être.

  • Too few experts? Experts of, at or in what? More (higher) education is the answer? Why, then, are there so many university-educated individuals–on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean–who are unemployed? Once again, M. Sorman has penned a nearly useless article. The question remains: Why does France-Amerique employ him?

  • I don’t see the incentive for lower income families to rise to the middle class if they are given a guaranteed income for earning less, and yet, in some cases, working harder, as a laborer. As for elementary education, charter schools are very successful in the US in providing high-quality education, although the unions and public school teachers will not admit this to be true.

  • The bottom line with regard to education is that the parents must pass on to their children that they value education; then their children must embrace that notion. One cannot engineer or legislate morality, ambition, values, hard work. It must come from parents, teachers, mentors, interest, passion, practice, perseverance, the quality of one’s efforts, etc. If that does not adhere, then governments are indeed conspiring against success, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  • Et pourtant : “Le CP dédoublé à 12 élèves, référence de la politique d’égalité des chances. Selon un sondage du sundicat SNUipp-FSU, les enseignants plébiscitent le dispositif, qui va concerner quelque 5 400 classes de CP et CE1 à la rentrée de septembre.”
    Source : Mattea Battaglia, Le Monde, 3 juillet 2018.

  • Il y a des erreurs, parfois grossières, de traduction.
    Aussi une rectification malvenue de composition de mon commentaire : en parlant de Guy Sorman, j’écrits “je prends un grand plaisir à le lire” et non pas “à les lire”.

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