Meet Shapr, the French Networking App That’s Taking Off in the U.S.

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Anyone who has ever moved cities (or countries!) knows how challenging it can be to build a network in a new place. However, your network is the single most important professional tool you have for your career. Your network can get you in the door at interesting companies, advise you on your ideas and help introduce you to friends in your travels. This is why the French founders of networking app Shapr set out to make meeting relevant contacts much easier and inspiring.

Networking at your fingertips

Similar to Tinder, the dating app that makes romantic connections through users swiping through profiles of others on the app, Shapr allows you to swipe through a daily batch of profiles. However, in place of romantic connections, you’re swiping for career connections. With one swipe right, you can connect with other nearby professionals and set up meetings to collaborate, exchange ideas, build on your skills, find investors or meet talent to hire!


Getting started is incredibly easy. Professionals can register for a free account in one click using their LinkedIn profile, which will immediately pull in most of the necessary information. Shapr advises users to still spend a few minutes setting up their ten points of interest such as #Entrepreneurship #Marketing or #Tech, which will help the app to make matches.

The algorithm then does the rest! Using your location, points of interest, industry and job title, the algorithm will curate profiles of professionals who may pique your interest. The smart algorithm will also generate better matches each time you swipe. In short, Shapr does the work for you of selecting who to meet.

The daily selection is between 10 and 15 profiles. This limit helps to avoid the time-consuming and frustrating aspect of networking by limiting networking to less than two minutes a day. It also narrows the Shapr pool to professionals who are truly interested in connecting, not just selling a product. Best of all, this limit gives you the time to meet your matches offline for coffee!

Who is using Shapr?

The Shapr app has already been cited by several US newspapers as being the best solution for millennials to network, including Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. The number one reason Shapr users claim they are using the app? For ideas and inspiration. 70% of users feature this tag on their profiles. Whereas other platforms are sales or job focused, Shapr is relationship focused and truly invested in getting more professionals offline, meeting face to face.

Where can I download Shapr?

The mobile app is downloadable for iOS or Android and completely free!

By the way….

Shapr was designed by French entrepreneur Ludovic Huraux, creator of popular French dating site Attractive World. The team is based between Paris and New York and this “Made in France” app has been a success. There are over 300,000 members worldwide, with the 60% of users in the United States.

So what are you waiting for? Download Shapr and see who you’ll meet!

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