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Grey Goose, the Premium French Vodka

Celebrate National Vodka Day, on October 4, with a glass of Grey Goose, created by an American and distilled in France! Grey Goose takes its name from the eponymous birds that migrate from Europe to Manhattan every year, and is the world’s third-highest-selling vodka, just behind Smirnoff and Absolut. Although little-known in France, this high-end vodka enjoys widespread popularity in...

The Rise of French Whisky in the U.S.

Once a market dominated by North America, Scotland and Ireland, the whisky industry in the U.S. is expanding to recognize the quality of spirits made in other countries such as Japan, India and notably, France. Based on the quintessentially French concept of "terroir," French whiskies made with local ingredients are slowly gaining ground in the U.S. market. The French drink more...