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The Breton Shirt Gets a Colorful Revamp for Pride Month

The Breton striped shirt is a symbol of female emancipation, and is being revisited in the colors of the rainbow for the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots which launched the gay rights movement in the United States. Five hundred multicolored striped shirts have been delivered to the MoMA Design Store in New York, where the blue and white version...

Iconic: The Guy Cotten Oilskin Jacket

A small, yellow figure with its arms outstretched is the logo of Guy Cotten, the specialist of “all- weather clothing.” In 50 years, the brand’s reputation has gone far beyond its native Brittany, making it the world leader in professional oilskins. The yellow waterproof jacket featuring Velcro fasteners and a zipper has also established itself on the U.S. market, where...

Bretagne BZH New York Gwenn ha Du
Gwenn ha Du, the Breton Cousin of the Stars and Stripes

At the Saint Patrick’s Day parade held every March 17 on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, it is common to see Bretons flying their black and white flag, which is reminiscent of the Star-Spangled Banner of the United States. The French and American flags share the same colors, but the Stars and Stripes actually have more in common with the flag...