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Two French Expats Put New York Grandmas Back to Work

New York City grandmothers can go back to work by knitting hats for Wooln, a startup founded by two French transplants living in the U.S. In its third year, the company led by Margaux Rousseau and Faustine Badrichani is growing steadily in terms of sales and grandmas. Nine retired women knit regularly for the brand. The "grandmas," as they are...

Get Ready for Beaujolais Nouveau!

After being bottled in Eastern France, Beaujolais Nouveau wine is transported to the four corners of the globe by truck, train, boat, helicopter, motorbike, rickshaw, on the backs of elephants, and in hot air balloons. On the third Thursday of November every year, bars and restaurants worldwide celebrate the arrival of this fruity wine, which is harvested a few weeks...[Subscriber]

Petit Pot: French Desserts, California-Made

Creamy desserts created by a French pastry chef in San Francisco have found a foodie following on the West Coast of the United States. The brand of organic puddings Petit Pot is hoping to expand across the rest of the country and compete with major American groups by 2018. The company founded by Maxime Pouvreau was born of disappointment. Upon...[Subscriber]

In California, a Car Wash with a Green, French Touch

Car washing is America’ quintessential chore. But when French entrepreneur Bertrand Patriarca arrived in the U.S. three years ago, he was surprised by the industry’s lack of structure. Washers don’t need a license to operate. The largest car washing company owns less than 0.25 % of the country’s 113,000 stations. Patriarca intends to change this, along with three French associates...

Costco, an Unexpected Hit in France
The Atlantic

In June, the hypermarket giant opened its first store in the outskirts of Paris. Costco, famous for selling cheap products in bulk, is the largest American membership-only warehouse chain and the second largest retailer in the world, after Walmart. Although its decision to cross into France was met with pessimism and predictions of its downfall, the brand’s performance seems to...

Macron-Apple, a Meeting of Leaders

The French president met with the CEO of Apple in Paris on October 6. Should we see this as a business meeting, or an encounter between two heads of state? French journalist Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber published The American Challenge in 1967, which went on to be a best-seller both in France and the U.S.A. The writer observed in his work that...[Subscriber]

Maison Kayser is Coming to Washington D.C.

The Maison Kayser brand of bakeries and cafés is continuing to convert Americans to the art of good bread. The French company originally moved to New York in 2012, and is set to open two new sites in Washington D.C. in February 2018. Update: The first bakery opened on February 8 at 1345 F Street NW. The second location will open...

A Most Prestigious Menu

A chilled corn velouté, foie gras millefeuille, and spring pea. From the wine to the dessert, the French chef Daniel Boulud’s catering company, Feast & Fêtes, pulls out all the stops to satisfy an American clientele with a taste for excellent service. “This is where it all began,” says Jean-Christophe Le Picart, sat at the Café Boulud between Central Park...

A Bouquet of True French Elegance

The floral creations by Agnès de Villarson help decorate the most fashionable weddings in Manhattan and the surrounding areas. After working as a math teacher at the Lycée Français de New York, she was trained in floral design at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx, and has now been providing her loyal and demanding American clients with flowers...

Style Right Down to the Smallest Details

Maison Guillemette has been adorning brides’ hair with tulle headwear, pearl combs, crowns of dried flowers, diamante brooches and headbands since it was founded in 2014. The French brand recently established itself in the United States, and is winning over clients with artisanal, French-made products, reasonable prices, and a boho-chic creative world. Pauline Bignan is head of Maison Guillemette in...

A Wedding Dress Made in France

Fashion designer Margaux Tardits creates bold, glamorous wedding dresses sold in New York, and which will soon be available in California. The hang of the dresses is inspired by the Dior pieces designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri and the structured style of Cristóbal Balenciaga. Needless to say, Margaux Tardits’ motto is “get married in style.” American brides tend to prefer...

A Wedding at the Height of Chic!

Assetou Gaudissard is a Parisian wedding and event planner living in New York. She currently heads up New York Paris Connection, an agency founded in 2011 specialized in French-style weddings in the United States. Her role implies managing all formalities for the festivities, including finding a space for the reception, hiring a caterer, an organizer and a florist, printing the...

Americans Say “I Do” to French-Style Weddings

The love of French chic has helped drive the growth of the wedding industry in the United States. Forget the stereotypical images of American-style weddings with their white satin dresses, cupcakes, ribbon-bound bouquets, blow-up balloons and associated, over-the-top frills. Today’s trend for understated elegance has been picked up by the French professionals in the wedding trade, and florists, planners, caterers,...

The Rise of French Whisky in the U.S.

Once a market dominated by North America, Scotland and Ireland, the whisky industry in the U.S. is expanding to recognize the quality of spirits made in other countries such as Japan, India and notably, France. Based on the quintessentially French concept of "terroir," French whiskies made with local ingredients are slowly gaining ground in the U.S. market. The French drink more...

The French Number: The App that Lets you Connect with French Locals

[Partner Article] The French Number, the crowdsourced hotline for France, now has users in 167 countries — a veritable telephone social network. Cocorico! Connect with a targeted French person based on location, interests or gender. For instance, for Chelsea from New York, who is preparing for a trip to Nice, getting in touch directly with a local will enable her to get...

The New York Times
Can France Become the Next Silicon Valley?

An old train depot in the heart of Paris, which was inaugurated this Thursday, is the new symbol of France’s dream to become the start-up capital of Europe. Station F, a 366,000-square-feet space that hopes to house over 1,000 budding companies, is supported by tech giants like Facebook and Amazon as well as legislation from French President Emmanuel Macron. Though...

Craft Beer’s Triumphant Return to France and the United States

American brewers have been rediscovering and remixing long-forgotten traditional French beer recipes since the 1980s. Some of these American beer artisans have even moved to France, and today are playing a role in the “craft beer revolution.” A sign of this evolution, the Mondial de la Bière international craft beer festival — which was created in Montreal in 1994 — will take place...

A Message to American Entrepreneurs: “Come to France, We Love you!”

While on a trip to New York for the French Touch Conference, the French Secretary of State for Digital Affairs, Mounir Mahjoubi, reiterated Emmanuel Macron’s message to American entrepreneurs: “Come to France, you have a home here.” It’s become something of a tradition; the French Secretary of State for Digital Affairs has attended the French Touch Conference every year since...

Provence in the Mail with Good Morning South

Whether you’re after embroidered bags, tapenade, scented candles or almond-based body care products, Good Morning South delivers Provence to your door. The French website was launched on June 5, 2017, and aims to introduce the American public to the Provence region and the expertise of its artisans. We met with Marseille-born Lucille Pinero, 31, who co-founded the website. France-Amérique: How was this project born?...

The Macaron Franchise Frenzy

Macarons are a symbol of true, French sophistication, and now enjoy their own franchise in the United States. Founded in 2009 by two French expats in Florida, the Le Macaron French Pastries chain recently inaugurated its 50th boutique in Yonkers, New York. The Yonkers macaron boutique is located between a Gap store and an H&M. While wandering through the open-air...

Guittard: The Chocolate of Choice for American Chefs

The Guittard chocolate company enjoys a reputation in the United States that it does not have in France. The company’s founder Etienne Guittard hailed from the Burgundy region and brought his recipes over in 1868. Based in California for five generations, this family business provides chocolate to the greatest American pastry chefs. In the middle of the 19 th Century, Etienne Guittard left his...