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Focus on French Cinema: 18 French Movies to be Screened

The Focus on French Cinema festival is organized by the Greenwich Alliance Française in partnership with the Cinémania Francophone film festival in Montreal, and is set to return to Connecticut and Manhattan from April 27 through May 1, 2018. Some 18 Francophone movies are set to be screened for the festival’s 14th year, including seven for the first time in...

Focus on French Cinema: A Tribute to Quebec

This year’s Focus on French Cinema festival will be screening 20 Francophone films — including six from Quebec — in New York, Stamford and Greenwich (Connecticut) from March 27 to April 2, 2017. Festival president Renée Ketcham talked us through this year’s selection. France-Amérique: Can you tell us about your decision to showcase Quebecer cinema this year? Renée Ketcham: Focus on French Cinema is...