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French New Yorkers Toast France’s President-Elect Emmanuel Macron

Champagne flowed amid applause at Cafe Tallulah in the Upper West Side, New York City on Sunday. There, French expats and tourists alike celebrated France’s newly elected president Emmanuel Macron. More than 100 people bunkered in the restaurant's basement lounge for a watch party hosted by En Marche! New York, the local branch of the movement Macron launched in April...

French New Yorkers Politick and Picnic En Plein Air

Through picnics in Central Park and political meetings, French voters in New York are campaigning for Emmanuel Macron. The clock at Café Tallulah's basement lounge struck 2 p.m. — a strange time for a café party. But the people gathering there on the Upper West Side were eyeing a different clock than most New Yorkers — the one in Paris. Surrounded by French...