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Covid-19: A Tense Return to School for Florida Students

As Florida deals with another spike in infections – an average of 2,679 new cases of Covid-19 registered daily – the French-American School of Tampa Bay has started its third academic year. This return to the classrooms has been stressful for both teachers and parents, but a necessary step for the students. The forty students at the French-American School of...

Florian Eymann’s American Dream

With his canvases inspired by the masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, Manet, Klimt, Dalí, and Warhol, French painter Florian Eymann is enjoying unexpected success in the United States. We met with the artist to find out more. Florian Eymann has hit the jackpot. American singer Marc Anthony fell in love with his work and purchased twelve of his paintings for...

A French Immersion School to Open in Tampa Bay

The French-American School of Tampa Bay will open on September 12 on the west coast of Florida. The region’s first French immersion school will teach students from kindergarten through fifth grade. The school’s founder Willy LeBihan is still surprised. “The Tampa area is going through an incredible economic boom and attracting increasing numbers of Francophones, but the nearest French schools...

Airbus Races to the Stars in Florida

The European aviation group will be inaugurating a satellite production facility near Cape Canaveral in Florida this fall. Airbus already makes mid-haul aircraft in Alabama but is now turning to space defense and government contracts for the U.S. armed forces. The building set to host the future Airbus factory has been finished at the NASA space complex in Exploration Park....

EPCOT village français
Make-Believe Paris in America (1/3): Orlando

Americans can now visit Paris without having to leave the United States! At the EPCOT theme park in Florida, at Universal Studios in California, and at the Paris hotel and casino in Las Vegas, tourists rub shoulders with waistcoat-wearing garçons de café and take selfies in front of the Eiffel Tower. Follow France-Amérique through those picture-postcard versions of Paris in the...

French on the Airwaves

Americans speaking to other Americans… but in French! From Brooklyn to San Francisco and from Boston to Minneapolis and Ville Platte (Louisiana), many radio stations and shows are now broadcast in French. It’s 7:30 pm (EST) on Radio Soleil. After the horoscope in Creole and a few bars of kompa blasted out on a trumpet, it’s time for the weekly...

The Macaron Franchise Frenzy

Macarons are a symbol of true, French sophistication, and now enjoy their own franchise in the United States. Founded in 2009 by two French expats in Florida, the Le Macaron French Pastries chain recently inaugurated its 50th boutique in Yonkers, New York. The Yonkers macaron boutique is located between a Gap store and an H&M. While wandering through the open-air...

Open-Air French Cinema at Miami Beach

The Films on the Beach festival is returning to Miami Beach until May 30, with a line-up of films shown in an open-air setting. The fourth edition of the festival, on the theme of “French Teen Spirit,” will include seven French movies. Organized with the cultural services of the French embassy in Washington, the Films on the Beach festival is using this...

A Springboard for the French Open Makes a Stop in Florida

A selection stage for the Roland Garros Junior tennis tournament will be held in the United States for the first time this year. The event will bring together 32 American players under the age of 18, in Boca Raton, Florida, from April 19 through 22. Rendez-vous à Roland-Garros is a selection stage for the Roland Garros Junior tournament, and is held every year...

The Miami Herald
Love Song to the Francophone World

March is nearing its end and with it, le Mois de la Francophonie — Francophone Month. For the occasion, the consuls of France, Canada and Haïti in Florida wrote a love song to the French language and its 274 millions speakers. Read more in The Miami Herald.

The Jacksonville Journal-Courier
Letter to Jim: "Paris Is a Wonderful City"

Donald Trump's (real or imaginary ?) friend Jim "loves Paris" but refuses to visit the French capital city. "Paris is no longer Paris," he said. A former history professor at Illinois College (Illinois), Steve Hochstadt took it upon himself to defend to defend the City of Lights. Read more in The Jacksonville Journal-Courier.

French Art Professionals United in the States

Founded by two French expats in Miami, the association French Arts Associates brings together French art professionals based in the United States. French Arts Associates was launched on November 18, 2016, with an inaugural event in the gallery owned by Parisian-born Lélia Mordoch in Wynwood — the Miami neighborhood hosting the Art Basel fair every year. The association founded by Sophie Blachet...